no.9 thai is a cooking school of intimate classes (no more than 20) where you will learn both traditional and modern Thai cooking skills in a relaxed environment.

Thai cuisine is known the world over for its innovative use of the most beautiful ingredients in everyday fare.

The essence of Thai food is a balance of hot and sweet, salty and sour. Each ingredient brings its own delicate flavour. Used in harmony, these flavours can create an enormous and diverse range of delicious, fragrant- infused meals.


The goal of the cooking school is to unveil the mystery of Thai cooking, and to share our experience and passion with like-minded people who love the balance and harmony of Thai food, enabling them to walk away with simple and delicious recipes that are easy to prepare, at any skill level.

The classes will demonstrate the traditional methods used in the preparation of everyday meals and royal Thai cuisine and provide you with the knowledge and confidence (and ingredients) to go home and reproduce one or more of the meals for your family and/or friends on the same day.


Group and/or private classes are available in your home and for these sessions we can structure lessons to suit your needs, from everyday dinners to sophisticated menus for special occasions.

Each class is approx 2.5 hours and is $190p.p. Please feel free to contact us for upcoming class dates and bookings